Sunday, June 15, 2008



Alright, for starters...HELLO.

Yeah, you read right, its 1:30am on a Saturday night and I Jared Strain am writing. (Might be the only time) Some of you might know that I am a night Owl. I get most of my real work done at this time, but tonight I got caught up looking at long lost friends' blogs and started to ask myself "where have I been?" After which I started to make a self inventory and realized I have been seriously out of the loop for very long time. So as I sit here in beautiful downtown Zion, I mean Lehi, UT I just wanted to surprise Christina by posting some of my favorite old pics and show her that I am excited to be a part of this.

Starters...brief timeline.....
Provo, this is where I lost most of you. Finished up at BYU and started to figure out what to do next. This is where I met Christina. On my 30th bday at the Olive Garden after flying in from NYC watching my then favorite Bosox beat up on the Yanks. (For what its worth, Roger Clemens was pitching) anyhow, any woman that brings me food and looks THAT good doing so, deserves to be picked up and kept for all eternity. Almost, we broke up, I moved to Seattle. Realized I had made a mistake and begged her to take me back. Lucky for me she did. We had alot of fun in Seattle for over three years. I became a baseball fanatic, through my most recent addiction of fantasy baseball, and loved what I did there. Work and new challenges brought us back to the sunshine where we plumped down in Lehi. Growing out dear little family with two additions of Mulligan and Birdie. Who you will also learn to love and adore as we do. Currently we are still here. I took a chance left the firms from Seattle that brought me up (General Public and The Wexley School for Girls) and am now servicing alot of those clients from those days under the alias Death & Taxes. I keep way too busy, but not enough to feel content. Its been a fun ride creating the high level of work and having clients with that kind of reputation returning for more, but all in all, I'd just like a big break on a beach with the little lady.

What you see here will more or less be a collection of my fav. pics from the past couple of years. Feel free to drop us a line, comment or call. We would love to get back in touch with you people!

OH, and this just in.....Tina is now a blonde bombshell! Dang, she fine.



I'm finally getting tired. So seriously if you wanna see more, like you just cannot get enough, go to our old blog. There you will find all the pieces to fill in the gaps, but for now just enjoy these, snowboarding trips to Whistler BC, more of Ryan and Lora visting Utah, Rock Band on New Years eve with Brandon and Laurel, Tina and the girls, Tina and her most favorite camera ever, and who wouldn't want to miss out on me hard at work?


Now comes a bit of the best part, Tina and I. Don't call her Tina though. That is strictly forbidden and only I am barely allowed to use it.

Speaking of friends and cool places....


Visting Ryan and Lora in the Big Easy for Halloween. Airboat ride, Saints game and lots of food!

Camping with Cody & Whitney, Todd & Brittney, Tyler and Tanner in Oregon.


AH, yeah. Did I mention we went to alot of baseball games? And yes, that IS Ry-dog and Lora. Love you two, hurry back to the West Coast.


It started with a kiss

Friday, June 6, 2008



                                                                      Six Flags

                                                        Landon and Annalee
                                                         Me, my neice Hailey, and my sister Steph


 This is my first official photo shoot with my new christmas digital camera! I had the pleasure of shooting my nephew Alex's wedding, so here are a few of the photos. 

10 months later......


For halloween we dressed up Mulligan as a skeleton and Birdie as a cowgirl! As you can tell, we love them very much!
This is a classic Jared face.
Our first Salt Lake Bee's baseball game this season! 
Haha! The latest on Christina's new do......
Our friends Brannon and Shauna were visiting from Seattle. Of course we had an awesome time.....especially taking Shauna's hair platinum!
My sister was here from Arizona for my Uncle Paul's funeral, so we had a fun night out with my sister's and my neices!