Thursday, May 27, 2010

Saying Goodbye.


So, it's only been 2 days since they moved and I already miss The Taylors! But I am so excited for them and there new adventures in New Mexico! Jamie, I decided to do this post so you could see some pics that you have probably never seen and so I could refresh your memory with some good times we have had!  Lets start with the time we went to Harts and I drove off with the gas pump still in my car!!! LOL! Good one. Everytime I pass Harts I promise I will remember that!

Other fav memories:
Amis and Andy (or as Mike says "Jamis and Mandy")
Maternity Photoshoot
Maddix Newborn Photoshoot, especially when you both got squirted on! LOL
Ticket to Ride
The many times you made dinner for us after getting out of the hospital with Roman! You saved my life!
Fourth of July. Spending an hour in the grocery store picking out CANDY!!!
And getting hit by the sprinklers while trying to watch fireworks:-)
Your baby shower.
My baby shower. 
When you first told me you were preggers! Happy happy day:-)
Birthday dinner at Cheesecake Factory.

And many memories to come, when we come and visit you guys!

The good bye party :-(

The little buddies saying good bye :-(

Roman looks so angry! HAHA!

Jamie's baby shower

Jamie and her cute baby bump:-)

Jamie's Birthday Dinner

Little Maddix!!!!!

Beautiful Family!!!

Good luck in your new adventures and try to remember The Strains every once in a while :-)