Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Introducing Bennett Charles Strain......


AUGUST 22, 2011
Bennett Charles Strain
joined our family.
9 lbs. 21 inches.

We anxiously awaited for the phone call to go to the hospital and I was finally induced at 10:00 am (he broke my water first).  I was expecting to have a faster labor than I did with Roman, but this little guy had other plans!  There was very little progression (at a 4) by about 3:00 pm, and his heart rate started dipping.  Dr. Terry said that the cord was most likely wrapped around his neck or shoulder and he may not be able to come down the birth canal. He mentioned the word C section and of course I had a meltdown. So, they took me off the pitocin to see if his heart rate would go back to normal, and luckily it did, so they put me back on Pitocin and I finally started progressing. He arrived at 7:21 pm, and I could not believe I just gave birth to a 9 pound baby! Wew! He has the cutest chubby cheeks and we are so blessed to have a healthy baby boy. 

Big Bro Roman has no idea whats going on. 


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Counting down the days.......


So, it looks like August 22nd is the scheduled day for this baby boy to come! As I have started to prepare, it is really strange how I feel like I need to CRAM some last minute things. Such as shopping. I feel like once I have 2 kids my life will be too restricted for things like this. I also finally did some photos of my little guy before the baby gets here!

19 months.....
Love him!

....and here is the belly at 37 wks/2 days. very anxious to meet this guy.