Sunday, June 6, 2010

Catching Up.


My excuse for not updating-3 words, HOME SWEET HOME!!!!  We are finally back at our house in Lehi after the craziest year of moving! We finally have some room to spread and relax!  Not too much else has been happening, other than my little man cut 3 teeth! The first one cut through about a month and a half ago (a moler), and now his bottom front cut through about a week and a half ago. We painted his room and finally got a crib, which Roman LOVES! He will just lay in there and giggle and play, which he never did in his cradle. Can't wait until his nursery is decorated. When it's finished I will post a few pics. 

Roman's Four Month Photoshoot

Typical Roman with the two fingers in his mouth.

Hangin in the baby bumbo.

Hogle Zoo with his cousin Edynn ( only 2 weeks apart).

I just love this shirt with the skull and crossbones :)