Tuesday, July 29, 2008



Here she is! My brave neice Olivia! Healthy and happy!
My brother James with his sad little wrapped up wrist! We are so glad you are alive!!!!!!!

So, some of you may have already heard that my brother James and my neice Olivia were in a four wheeling accident about a week ago. My neice, Olivia is only three years old and part of the four wheeler fell on her. They rushed them to the hospital because she was urinating blood and they saw some swelling in her stomach. All we knew was that she was life flighted to another hospital and at that point we were really scared. We also knew that my brothers wrist was broken and possibly some broken ribs. So, we decided to get on our knees as a family and pray. It was a very powerful moment for our family. Most of us were in tears just waiting to hear what was going on. We finally got word that Olivia was okay and James's wrist was broken, but we all felt so blessed that it wasn't worse. 
I guess the point of this story is that I am so grateful for my family and there example to me! Prayer has kept our family together through hard times and I am thankful for that!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Welcome Baby Zyanne!


Here is our new niece, Zyanne! She is sooo adorable! And just so everyone knows-this is HUGE that you see Jared holding his niece! I have only seen this happen 2 or 3 times before! He is terrified of babies.....but hopefully he can get lots of practice!

Sunday, July 13, 2008


                                                 OUR FOURTH OF JULY CELEBRATION!
So, that morning we went to the parade with Brandon, Laurel and Addie. Then that night we had a BBQ with Nicole and Reed and went to the Thanksgiving Point Fireworks. It was a great day!

                                                          I LOVE MY SISTERS!
For our girls trip this year, my sisters and I decided to go to Las Vegas. Nothing is more fun than shopping and laying by a pool! Although a beach would have been ideal, this was the perfect spot to meet my sister Bonnie,  who lives in AZ. We went to Beatles Love Circus De Soleil, which was soooo amazing!