Monday, April 12, 2010

Rolling Over, and Giggling


When Roman was about 13 weeks,  I heard his first giggle! I was using a wipe to clean underneath his chin and it must have tickled. He just giggled, so I kept doing it. Oh, it was so adorable! So, over the last few weeks he has only done it 3 other times. Once for Grandma Stone, once for Jared and once for my friend Jamie!!!! I can't wait until he starts doing this more often!

Last week (when he was about 15 weeks old) he started rolling from back to front! I left the room for a minute and when I came back he was on his stomach. After that he just kept doing it over and over! I wasn't expecting this to happen so soon! So, he doesn't do very well with his little gym toy now, because he gets mad when he gets stuck!

Starting 2 days ago, I decided it was time to let Rome sleep in his own room.  He doesn't sleep well at night so I was hoping this would help. I have been trying to get him on a schedule and am not sure yet if it will help both of us or not. Please give me your input! These last 2 days have been the hardest so far. Very stressful and frustrating. Still dealing with gas issues too, so throwing this in the mix is making it even worse!

Here's a few recent pics:

We spent Easter Sunday at The Nielsen's. We had dinner and played Ticket to Ride. 

His first Easter bunny from Grandma Teri.