Friday, March 29, 2013

Yearly Update



Obviously I am terrible at this blogging thing.  But as I look back at my previous post (almost exactly a year ago), I realized how so much has changed and I needed to write some of my thoughts and memories down over the last year. 

So here is the last year in review (this might just be the longest post yet!).......

{1}  Watching these two play together makes me laugh.....whether it's dressing up like Hulk and Ironman, running around with mustaches on, or giving each other knuckles.  Benny just follows Roman everywhere and copies everything he does.  

{2}  CHRISTMAS 2012

As you can tell, going to visit Santa (at the Riverwoods) was a huge success:

       This Christmas was one I will never forget.  I am blessed with a pretty amazing family and can't express enough how much I love them.  

The Elf on the Shelf came to our house for the first year. Roman's favorite one was when he toilet papered the tree. The Elf also pooped in the toilet, fought with Hulk, hung from the kitchen light, bathed in marshmallows, got into the Froot Loops (crumbs all over his face), and read books with other stuffed animals.  And seriously there is nothing better than seeing these little boys light up when they come downstairs Christmas morning!  Even Jared enjoyed Christmas and that is saying ALOT!!!!!! 



and of course the Strain family Christmas card:)

{3} Roman turns 3 (December 20th)


Yes, I cried a little when he became a Sunbeam:)  This kid is such a character.  He loves when people come over so he can show off all his cool stuff.  He wears the same outfit almost everyday and is very opinionated on his clothing. After almost a year, he is a big boy and sleeps in his big boy bed! Yay for mom and dad!  He loves all things Spiderman, Hulk, Ironman, Captain America, and Wreck It Ralph.    He isn't in character quite as often as he used to be, but he used to wake up and come straight to our room to help put his costumes on.  He is starting to learn colors and can count to 10.  Almost everyday he asks me "Who's coming today mom"?  He loves when Aunt Steph, Grandma's and Grandpa's, and cousins come.  He also requested that I paint his toenails for the first time today.



{4} My Benny Boo turns 1!!!! (August 22nd).....which makes him 19 months now:)


Benny has such a different personality than Roman. Although he is very active, he is also much more content and even tempered.  I am always amazed at how quickly he picks up on things. It's obvious where he has picked up on words such as Ironman, Batman, and Hulk and he even points a gun and says "Freeze"! haha!  He LOVES reading about animals and cars.  He loves movies and dancing to music. When we play outside he notices every airplane that passes. The last three months he has been really sick. He had croup and (what we thought was) the stomach flu. Finally after about the 4th time I thought maybe something else was going on.  We will have some tests done (mostly allergy testing) on him next week, but he has shown major improvements since we eliminated gluten from his diet.  Hopefully the tests will give us some much needed answers to get him better!  Through it all he has been a pretty happy boy (except at night.....I want my sleep again!).  

      Saddest croup baby:(




It was perfect! Seriously. 10 days of sunshine and the beach! 
Jared also did a half marathon with Teresa, Judd and Becky. What an amazing trip.

This is what happened when we were away........

.......not to mention the attack by the hornets at my moms house:( Poor guy got stung and bit by about 12 of them! Good thing he is tough. But you should see his face when he comes close to bees now. haha!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Good days and bad days


Life at our house isn't always easy. J has been working over time and going out of town. Momma has been working over time at home and feeling overwhelmed, but then I stop to remember how lucky I am to be their mom....and they need me!  One night when Jared was gone, both of the kids woke up at the same time. I didn't know how I was supposed to get them both back to sleep and so I broke down and cried. My sweet Roman could see that I was sad and immediately stopped crying. I lied him down on my bed and he went right back to sleep, and I was able to deal with Bennett.  These two boys are my world. They are the greatest examples to me. Being a mom isn't always easy, but it is SO worth it. I wouldn't change it for anything:)

A good day at our house looks like this:

A bad day at our house looks like this:

Roman turned 2 in December. He is such a character with all of his talk and silly facial expressions. He will copy almost anything we say. He is definitely a 2 year old - a busy, energetic, wild boy:) 

Little Benny is such a chill baby. He is 7 months now.  Rolling over, says "dada", loves watching "UP" with his big bro, and just got his two bottom teeth!  He is starting to grab the pic below i left the table for one second and when I came back, my dinner fork was missing. I underestimated him!  

Bennett and baby Mac holding hands (they did it on their own!)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bennett's Blessing......November 6,2011


Jared gave Bennett the sweetest blessing,  and we had so many wonderful friends and family there to share this day with us. I wish we took more photos and I REALLY wish we got a better family shot.  Sadly, Roman is nearly impossible to photograph.  Nonetheless, it was a great day!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Halloween 2011


We kicked off the Halloween celebrations with a fun walk around Gardner Village to see all the witches.



.......Roman was in heaven!