Saturday, March 19, 2011

Roman's Rock Star First Birthday


December 20th 2009 Roman turns ONE!!
Happy one year to  my little rockstar :) Wow, he is really a year old.  He is such a great addition to our family, and brings energy and laughter to our home. Even though his birthday is so close to Christmas we had a great turnout.  Our good friends, The McDonalds, drove from Pocatello, Id.  Jared designed the cutest invitations that look like a concert ticket (which I will post soon). Then I made little party favors that had sunglasses, tattoos, candy and glow sticks. Thanks to everyone who came!

Roman also cut 4 molars (2 on top and 2 on bottom), which makes 12 teeth total. It was a rough month especially at night, so we are glad that's over!

Cute little Ellie sporting the sunglasses! 

My cute nephew Landon.

His new truck.

In case you were wondering why his cake turned out so ugly, this is what happened to the original big cupcake:(  When I went to frost it, it collapsed! So,  I just kept the bottom half of the cake. I learned my lesson for next time.........

Holidays 2009-Roman's First Christmas


It was our first Christmas to stay at home and do Christmas with our own family. Then later we went to The Talbots, and the Christmas breakfast was gone:( \ So I guess next year we have to get there early! My brother, James, was here with his family and Bonnie came from Arizona.

Temple Square
Well, I think Roman was a little too cold and a little too tired that night, so we rushed through. I thought he would be more entertained by the lights, but not so much!

Although he does look happy here.....

Christmas at The Gurr's

To say the least Roman wasn't excited about Santa at all. But everyone got a gift from Santa and we had a  lot of fun that night.

Christmas Morning
Since it was our first year at home, we don't have any traditions yet, so we got up and got straight to the gifts. Roman didn't care too much for his presents.

...........later Christmas day

Aunt Steph and Ro

Monica, Bonnie, Me, James

cute nieces and nephews

Hailey, me, Bonnie, Annalee



Turkey day was at The Talbot's this year.  We were lucky to have the Helm's join us too:)  Afterwards we played our favorite game  Amis and Andy. So thankful for the best family in the world and for sweet little Roman.  He has changed my life forever.  

Roman 11 Months


I know, I know.......he is 15 months now, but I am a slacker so I am backtracking about 4 months:) But I want to make sure I write everything down. So here we go.............


This was a really big month for little Roman, because he learned to walk!!!!
I am in love with his smile, because he has a mouth full of teeth to show off. At 11 months he has 8 teeth.
He is a very independent baby, which I love because he doesn't need to be held.....he actually dislikes it very much:)
He is very energetic, which makes church interesting. 
He is into everything.

There couldn't be a more fitting shirt for him.