Friday, October 1, 2010

San Diego, Dirty Dash, Skatepark, Makeovers


We had so much fun in San Diego! We stayed with our good friends, The Gharrings, who made us the best pizza on the grill! Even though it was a quick trip we made it to the San Diego Zoo, the beach AND my favorite store H&M :) We loved the zoo! Roman didn't know what he was looking at half the time, but he was entertained and did really well. You could see hippos under water, koala's (all of them slept at the same time), panda bears, cheetah's.....and more.  

The beach wasn't exactly "let's get in our bathing suit" weather, so we decided to do a hike called "Torrey Pines". Despite Jareld asking "Are we done yet?" a few times, we had fun and the best part.....a nice view of the ocean:) I LOVE the ocean so much, and next time I will make sure it is "get in our bathing suit" weather! :)

Other exciting news: Jared ran the "DIRTY DASH"!  I was so bummed that I wasn't there until after he crossed the finish line:( So, he had already showered all of the mud off. I really wanted to see him covered in mud. He ran on a team with his dad, stepmom, and 2 others. I looked so fun that I have to do it next year!  But I made a shirt for Roman to cheer him on and we went to lunch after.

Jared is starting Roman early in hopes of a future skater, so we took a little trip to the skatepark when they were having an event for younger kids. He loved watching them out there. And he even got some free gear courtesy of SIEGE AUDIO, who is a client/friend of Jared's.

Lastly, just a few pics of my recent home makeover. I wanted it to look lighter and fresh in the living/dining/kitchen area. It feels so much brighter and I am so happy with the results!