Saturday, March 24, 2012

Good days and bad days

Life at our house isn't always easy. J has been working over time and going out of town. Momma has been working over time at home and feeling overwhelmed, but then I stop to remember how lucky I am to be their mom....and they need me!  One night when Jared was gone, both of the kids woke up at the same time. I didn't know how I was supposed to get them both back to sleep and so I broke down and cried. My sweet Roman could see that I was sad and immediately stopped crying. I lied him down on my bed and he went right back to sleep, and I was able to deal with Bennett.  These two boys are my world. They are the greatest examples to me. Being a mom isn't always easy, but it is SO worth it. I wouldn't change it for anything:)

A good day at our house looks like this:

A bad day at our house looks like this:

Roman turned 2 in December. He is such a character with all of his talk and silly facial expressions. He will copy almost anything we say. He is definitely a 2 year old - a busy, energetic, wild boy:) 

Little Benny is such a chill baby. He is 7 months now.  Rolling over, says "dada", loves watching "UP" with his big bro, and just got his two bottom teeth!  He is starting to grab the pic below i left the table for one second and when I came back, my dinner fork was missing. I underestimated him!  

Bennett and baby Mac holding hands (they did it on their own!)


Kelsey said...

love the post! remember on bad days to call me so we can stay sane and drink DC! love ya!

Ashli Paynter said...

You are so darn cute and so are your boys. I miss you. We really need to get together.